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•   Diane Morris (Steen)  3/28
•   Jean Hailey (Maranto)  3/28
•   John Ortis  3/6
•   Robert L. Paine  2/27
•   Juanita Farnham (Russell)  2/20
•   Ronnie Bagley  1/22
•   Pat Bailey  1/6
•   Jimmie Faye (Faith) Chatham  12/1
•   Sharon Kay Rogers (Smith)  10/8
•   Roy Miller  10/3
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•   Marilyn Hillis (Morrell)  4/23
•   Jimmie Faye (Faith) Chatham  4/24
•   Donald W. Parrish  4/25
•   Pat W. Parrish  4/25
•   John Edward Clark  4/27
•   Mary Lou Verhalen (Reeves)  4/27
•   Francie Crowell (Yunger)  4/30
•   Laura Wood (Dyess)  5/4
•   Linda Moore (Kirkland)  5/6
•   Donald Ray Thompson  5/6
•   Delores Parker (Webb)  5/7
•   Sidney Lee Graham  5/8
•   Michael B. Nations  5/9
•   Gail Dauphin (Anderson)  5/11
•   Jan Lancaster (Whelan)  5/13
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Percentage of Joined Classmates: 63.7%

A:   163   Joined
B:   93   Not Joined









If you have any old, or not-so-old Easter pictures, send them our way. 
We'll post them for some fun reminiscing.






 1. Don't put all your eggs in one basket.

2. Everyone needs a friend who is all ears.

3. There's no such thing as too much candy.

4. All work & no play makes you a basket case.

5. A cute tail attracts a lot of attention.

 6. Everyone is entitled to a bad hare day.

7. Let happy thoughts multiply like rabbits.

8. Some body parts should be floppy.

9. Keep your paws off other people's jelly beans.

10.  Good things come in small, sugar-coated packages.


11. The grass is always greener in someone else's basket.

12.  To show your true colors, you have to come out of your shell.


May the joy of the season fill your heart. 



A man is driving along a highway and sees a rabbit jump out across the middle of the road. 
He swerves to avoid hitting it, but unfortunately the rabbit jumps right in front of the car. 

The driver, a sensitive man as well as an animal lover, 
pulls over and gets out to see what has become of the rabbit. 
Much to his dismay, the rabbit is dead. 

The driver feels so awful that he begins to cry. 
A beautiful blonde woman driving down the highway sees a 
man crying on the side of the road and pulls over. 
She steps out of the car and asks the man what's wrong. 

"I feel terrible,"he explains,"I accidentally hit this rabbit and killed it." 
The blonde says, " Don 't worry."
She runs to her car and pulls out a spray can. 
She walks over to the limp, dead rabbit, bends down, and sprays the contents onto the rabbit.

The rabbit jumps up, waves its paw at the two of them and hops off down the road. 
Ten feet away the rabbit stops, turns around and waves again; 
he hops down the road another 10 feet,turns and waves, 
hops another ten feet,turns and waves, 
and repeats this again and again and again, until he hops out of sight.
The man is astonished. 
He runs over to the woman and demands, 
"What is in that can? What did you spray on that rabbit?" 
The woman turns the can around so that the man can read the label.
It says.. 

(This is bad!)

(You know you could just click off and not read the punch line....) 

(You can still delete it)

(Last chance) 

(OK, here it is) 

It says, 

"Hair Spray - 

Restores life to dead hair, 
and adds permanent wave." 

Happy Easter!!!   

If you choose, below is a YouTube collection of top 100 Easter
songs for your enjoyment.




1. Biker Barbie - complete with leathers &

2. Microsoft Barbie - Barbie doll with Bill
     Gates's head

3. Divorce Barbie - includes the house, the
     car, and half of Ken's belongings

4. Hockey Barbie - comes with hockey stick &
     missing teeth

5. Werewolf Barbie - a normal doll except
    under a full moon

6. Avalanche Barbie - buried in 16 feet of

7. Cyclops Barbie - comes with one eye right
     in the middle of  her forehead; Cyclops Ken
     sold separately

8. Barbie Brain in a Jar - an empty jar

9. Circus Clown Barbie - comes with scary face
     & scary wig

10. Bearded Barbie - complete with tweezers

11. Chernobyl Barbie - glows in the dark

12. Darth Vader Barbie - with plastic helmet;
      pull the string &  sounds like James Earl

13. King Kong Barbie - a 6-foot tall gorilla
      holding Barbie doll dressed like Fay Wray

14. Bugs Barbie - buck teeth, long ears

15. Picasso Barbie - everything's in the wrong

16. Medusa Barbie - has snakes for hair

17. Tree Hugger Barbie - pull the string & she
      spouts environmental rhetoric

18.  Jock Barbie - looks like Dennis Rodman

19. Rasta Barbie - she's got a tie-dyed t-shirt,
       dreadlocks & reggae CD; rolling papers
      sold separately

20. Housewife Barbie - dressed in ratty old
      housecoat; comes with dirty laundry &
      sink full of dishes


Senior Barbie




Sixty years ago this week.  Remember?







CADDO 2017

Don't know why everyone brought their grandparents.....

Kenneth Hortman, Philip Simmons in blue shirt, Jon & Donna, Lauren between them, Dianne Brown Mann far right

If you think this is a good look for Sue Thompson Simmons, you should see her from the front!  Barry, trying to see his phone w/o his glasses.  Judy Daniels Ellard made it to the reunion.  Way to go, Judy!  

Peggy, comparing whose grandchild is better-looking, with Sharon Pope Jones.



Good pals?  

More good pals?

Ok, y'all.   Get. A. Room.

Don't you two wish this pic weren't posted?  I’ll take it out, but it’ll cost ya.....


Gene doesn't get a knock, knock joke.

Barry's just told Kenneth & Harold Wayne that they don't have to beg for lunch; he'll pay.

Barry's evil twin ~


Chuck, it kills me to say this, but you're a really good looking old guy.

Johnny can't believe that's the second time Bob's introduced himself to Sue.  Sweet Sue's pretending she hasn't noticed.


Ann Hart: “Charlene, I don't think I can offer you much more.  Really, Barry's not that hard to supervise.  I'll throw in a Starbuck's.”  

Steve's day care worker.

Billie & Hollis discussing the finer points of frying catfish.  Peggy & David wondering why you’re not there & hope to see you next time.


Bob Dupuy, Gene Roberts, Johnny Crowell, Shirley Crowell, Donna Brown Black (I can never say that without chuckling...), Jon

Not Gary Ellard's best pose; Dianne Brown Mann; Glenn Ross & his sister; Judy's grandson; Judy

Judy, hanging on Gary's every word, as always.

Harold Wayne, Chuck, Charlie Reeves, Barry far right, Ronnie Clark & better half

Hollis, Billie Cox Evans, Peggy Murray Huffman & handsome husband, Charlene working the room

Sandra, Linda Boules McCracken, Jimmy Pyle, Kathy Kemper, Steve Heath

Diane Lewis & I found a reason to be in the Ladies' Room for this.  Anybody wish you'd joined us?  Gene, is that you raising your hand?

Johnny's trying to take all the attention away from Jim Mann & his lovely wife Dianne

Diane Lewis is telling Jon how to do reunions, Johnny is still trying to get in the picture.  That's Gary Ellard in a much better pose.  See?  He's actually kinda cute.

Gene Roberts is watching his pretty wife & gorgeous g'daughter (Gene married up); Johnny can't seem to let HIS pretty wife be in a picture without him (let it go, Johnny); Donna's pretty hair next to Shirley Crowell (no doubt the brains of the family); and, hey, Jon, awesome gray hair!

Diane is still instructing Jon on how to be a better class officer, and looks like Bob Dupuy is completely enraptured.  Diane, if you weren't so intelligent, Jon might have taken the podium away from you.  Good girl!


Bob & Gene are glad Diane & Jon have resolved their issues.

Donna is doing her best to ignore Jon.  Good luck with that, Donna.

Harold Wayne, we thought you'd given up Fight Club ~

Gene's asking Glenn Ross if he's seen his wife & granddaughter.  (They escaped when he wasn't looking.)

Jim Mann is begging Gary Ellard to take Dianne just for today.  Shirley Crowell & Jean Hailey Maranto are advising him on negotiating strategies.

Diane Morris Steen is counseling Bob on the best way to pass the Bar Exam.

Sandra Maddox Domengeaux is trying to help Bob spell her last name, while Johnny is explaining to his wife why he tries so often to upstage her in photos.

Sherry Williams Burke & Martha are asking everyone if they've seen Lauren.  She's got the keys.

Why, there's Lauren!  She hasn't abandoned her partners in crime.  She's asking Bob if he remembers his romantic promise to her in the 4th grade (you had to be there).  Bob's trying to remember who this woman is.....

Now, don't you wish you'd been a skinny kid in school like Hollis was?  Now you'd be tall & slender, instead of.... well.....

Barry is telling Johnny that he's been in enough pictures and wouldn't he like to go take a nap before tonight's gathering.

Jean & Diane are complimenting each other on how glasses really make one sexy-looking.

Linda Moore Kirkland is signing autographs.  She just can't go anywhere for privacy without fans mobbing her.

Esther Haynes Cook is trying to remember who that strange man is, sitting next to her....

Why, it's Gary Jones!  Girls, if you'd known in high school that he was going to get hotter with age, would you have flirted more?

Kathy Koenig, looking very close to her yearbook picture.  Confess, Kathy ~ inquiring minds want to know.....

Linda Bell Heath, our official class photographer and some man sitting too close to her.  Kenneth Hortman, if you'd have come to a couple of past reunions, you wouldn't have to introduce yourself.

Linda Kirkland, Sharon, Anita

Runners-up for Miss Catfish & Hushpuppies

Mr. Roark's favorite duo ~

Charlie's Angels

Who invited the kid?  We don't like young people!  Just like a Kemper to crash a party.

No, seriously, a younger-looking group of geezers would be hard to find.  Hook 'em, Mavs 1965!

Barry's #1 love.  Sorry, Ann.

"Barry, what's that thar?"

"That thar's a tar.""


Anybody seen a lost head?

How come fire ants are celebrated and not roaches?


Jackie & Charlene Graff  joined Don Parrish for the festivities.

Steve & Linda making sure no one runs off with our banner.  Great job, Barry!

Second Saturday vintage cars.  Purdy!

Don Parrish lusting after that Chevy (who wouldn't?).

"Don't feel bad, Barry.  You can always re-enter your car next year...."
























Maybe you've seen it, maybe
not, but it's worth watching
again ~ a heart-warming way
to spend the 2019 New Year.
  Here's a trailer.



Just because you've seen it before doesn't
mean it's not still funny.


Get ready, Baby Boomers.  A new survey will be posted soon, asking for movie recommendations ~ movies that perhaps many have NOT seen, but it's one of your favorites.  Mine, for example, is "Finding Forrester," a surprisingly fine movie with Sean Connery.  Another favorite is "Music & Lyrics," with Hugh Grant & Drew Barrymore.  You be a-thinkin' on it, ok?




Below, the Doo Wop collection.  You were, maybe, 5 or 6.



Thanks a bunch, Barry!



(Thank God there's a name for this disorder!)

Age-Activated Attention Deficit Disorder

This is how it manifests:

I decide to water my garden.
As I turn on the hose in the driveway,

I look over at my car & decide it needs washing.    

As I start toward the garage,
I notice mail on the porch that I
brought up from the mailbox earlier.

I decide to go through the mail before I wash the car.

I lay my car keys on the table,
put the junk mail in the garbage can under the table, 
and notice that the garbage can is full.

So I decide to put the bills back on the
table & take out the garbage first....

But then I think,   
Since I'm going to be near the mailbox
when I take out the garbage anyway,
I may as well pay the bills first.

I take my checkbook off the table
and see that there's only one check left.
My extra checks are in my desk in the study.
So I go inside to my desk where
I find the can of Diet Coke I
'd been drinking.

I'm going to look for my checks,
but first I need to put the Diet Coke aside
so that I don't accidentally knock it over.


The Diet Coke is getting warm, and I
decide to put it in the fridge to keep it cold. 
Free to Use &, Public Domain Refrigerator Clip Art

As I head toward the kitchen with the Diet Coke,
A vase of flowers on the counter
catches my eye--- they need water.


I put the Diet Coke on the counter &
discover my reading glasses that I've
been searching for all morning.
I decide I'd better put them back on my desk,
but first I'm going to water the flowers.

I set the glasses back down on the counter,
Fill a container with water & suddenly spot the tv remote.
Someone left it on the kitchen table.


But I won't remember that it's on the kitchen table.
So I decide to put it back in the den where it belongs,
But first I'll water the flowers.

I pour some water in the vase,
But quite a bit of it spills on the floor.
So I set the remote back on the table,
Get some towels & wipe up the spill.


Then I head down the hall trying to
Remember what I was planning to do.


At the end of the day:
The car isn't washed.
The bills aren't paid.
There is a warm can of Diet Coke 
sitting on the counter.
The flowers don't have enough water.
There is still only one check in my checkbook.
I can't find the remote.
I can't find my glasses,
And I don't remember what I did with
the car keys.

Then when I try to figure out why nothing
got done today,
I'm really baffled because I know I was
busy all day,
And I'm really tired.


I realize this is a serious problem, and
I'll try to get some help for it;
but first I'll check my email.


Don't laugh ~ If this isn't you yet,
your day is coming!

















































































































































Narrative below says: "Middle age is when
you are sitting home on a Saturday night,
and the phone rings & you hope it's not for you.














































































































































































































Surviving the Good Old Days (Click pic)




Mostly songs from the 50s, but since
our class spans the 50s & 60s,
these might be fun to listen to. 




Take a trip through time and history on your way to the top.
(from Gerald Watson, MHS '60) 






Remember the seats in the Lynn Movie Theater?

Looking to waste several minutes of your life?  If
you're looking for something to drink a cup of coffee by, this
video will give you a few seconds of each of the top 100 songs of the 60s
(according to the guy who put it together).  Nice reminiscing.


PLAYERS  Photobucket       

Click on parallel vertical bars to stop music, or scroll down
through songs and click on 
one to start.  Others will be
played in order (NO SCRAMBLING OPTION YET).




/p>Music for Mavs65 by Oldies on Grooveshark

Want to hear some tunes from the mid to late
'50s?  Stop player above and start the one below.
(Click on player Arrow or parallel bars to start/stop).




Oldies by Oldies on Grooveshark


Click on yearbook for
a few 1965 pictures below.



PLAYERS  Photobucket       

Click on parallel vertical bars to stop music, or scroll down
through songs and click on 
one to start.  Others will be
played in order (NO SCRAMBLING OPTION YET).





Players disabled just for the weekend.

Want to hear some tunes from the mid to late
'50s?  Stop player above and start the one below.
(Click on player Arrow or parallel bars to start/stop).





The Perks of Being Over

60, 70 or 80

Thanks to Sharon Pope Jones for this upbeat message.

1. Kidnappers are not inter-
    ested in you.


2. In a hostage situation, you
   are likely to be released


3. No one expects you to run
   ...... anywhere.  


4. People call at 9 p.m. & ask,

   "Did I wake you?"



5. People no longer view you as
   a hypochondriac.


6. There is nothing left to
   learn the hard way.


7. Things you buy now won't
   wear out.


8. You can eat supper at 4:00


9. You can live without sex but
    not your glasses.


10. You get into heated argu-
    ments about pension plans.

11. You no longer think of 
    speed limits as a challenge.


12. You quit trying to hold your
    stomach in, no matter who
    walks into the room.


13. You sing along with
    elevator music.


14. Your eyes won't get that
    much worse.


15. Your investment in health
    insurance is finally begin-
    ning to pay off.


16. Your joints are more ac-
    curate than meteorologists
    or the national weather


17. Your secrets are safe with
    your friends because they
    can't remember them, 


18. Your supply of brain cells
    is finally down to manage-
    able size.


19. You can't remember who
    sent you this list.


20. You notice that these are
    all in BIG PRINT for your



























































































































 Poor Barry.  At his advanced age, a morning cup of Joe just won't jump-start the boy.  He now needs a hit

from this video, below, to get his motor running, and
recommends you try this, too.  A little eye-candy with
your coffee never hurts.  Thanks, Barry.    (Turn off Player,
above, and click bottom/right corner of this video for FULL SCREEN.)